Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile technology

Hii! I am Harsh Jain. Today here in this article I will tell you the Advantages and disadvantages of mobile teccnology.

As you know that the world is currently moving very fast cause of internet connectivity and technology. 


Advantages of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology provides the following advantages to users: 

Connectivity at all times and locations.

Freedom to carry wherever and convenience.

The potential for conducting business while traveling

Conveyance of speech and data simultaneously.

Digital photography in new models

Internet access at any time. 

Disadvantages of Mobile Technology

Mobile telephony has the following disadvantages.

Compared with fixed telephony, it is expensive, especially from mobile to landline.

Because mobile phone antennas run along the head and radio frequency waves have

electrical and magnetic components, widespread usage of cell phones has raised

 worries about potential health risks, particularly brain disorders.

Utilizing a mobile device while driving raises the risk of an accident.

The environment will suffer if mobile phones are used more frequently.



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