Features of coordination


Hii! I am Deepjit Karmakar, founder of thecommercialinfo.com . today here in this article I am gonna tell you what are the features or characteristics of coordination.

The followings are the features or characteristics of coordination:
  1. Coordination is a continuing activity: managers in every organisation should perform this activity of coordination. It is to be performed in the beginning, in the process and at the end regularly for all types of organisational activities. As it is a continuous process, it will accomplish the unity of objectives in the organisation.
  2. Coordination is a dynamic process: word nation has to be done at all levels. It provides a positive and dynamic element to the entire organisation. Beautiful smooth and the process of administration.
  3. It is an orderly synchronisation of group efforts: coordination involves all such efforts which are involved in the harmonious blending of different. Component parts of an organisation. Search an orderly arrangement should result in minimum of conflicts. Confusion and friction and maximum of collective effectiveness. Coordination helps in proper timing, balancing and integrating different activities of an organisation.
  4. It is the task of Management: as an executive leader, manager has to perform this task of coordinating. A manager cannot escape from this responsibility of coordination.
  5. It is based on unity of objective: the very purpose of ordination is to to accomplish the objectives of the organisation. Show all the efforts of different groups should be directed towards the accomplishment of the common objectives.
  6. It should provide for unity of action: all the actions of the individuals are to be blended and directed towards a productive action every member should to work together with a sense of team spirit.


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