What is Entrepreneurship development ?

Enterpreneurship is the act of establishing a new organisation. In a country like India, entrepreneurship is considered very important because it helps in self employment and in turn reduces the unemployment.Thus, it helps in the economic development of a country. A number of entrepreneurial institutes such as NIESBUD, EDI and NISIET are being set up the entrepreneurial activities as their career. 

Like other economic concept, entrepreneurship has been subject of much debate and discussions. It is an elusive concept. Hence, it is defined differently by different authors. While some call entrepreneurship as 'risk-bearing' others  view it 'innovating' and yet others consider it 'thrill-seeking.' 

Whether the enterprise is smaller or large their is always uncertainty and risks. An entrepreneur is risk takes of a new enterprise who should be aware of the ways to bear those risks through proper planning, skills and idea generations. The entrepreneur relation is not with risk and profit only. Rather entrepreneurship is a complex process that has the power to establish a team to balance the verious talents required for a successful enterprise. Basically entrepreneurshi[p has been considered as an instinctive feature of an individual.


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