Medium Enterprise

The size of the enterprises mainly can be classified into three categories. Such as major industries, medium industries and small industries. In order to clear the concept of medium enterprise, we should know the concept of both major and small scale industries. Major industries invest large amount of capital for product of large amount of varied categories of goods to cater to the wider market.On the other hand, small industries are compact size, personal character of management based on individual talent with simple technology, limited market area and less amount of capital. Out of the concept of major and small industries, the medium enterprise can defined as industries, the size, amount of capital, amount of product capacity, and market area of which are less than major but more than small scale industries. In case of medium size industries, there is an inclination or tendency of growing its size and product along with market area towards large or major industries. In case of enterprise to some extent sophisticated technology id applied with specialised manegement system. On the basis of the definition of small enterprise, the amount of minimum capital investment of medium enterprise should be more than 5 crores. The product and service of medium enterprises can be exported. The production technique of medium industries is basically labour intensive, but these industries can use few technology in production process. By using few machine and technology the medium enterprise can also involve into traditional skill and art of goods and production.


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