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How Dubai become developed and so rich

How Dubai become rich and developed

    Abu-Dhabi become developed because it has oil to trade but Dubai had no oil to sell and become rich. "Dubai was not found on oil, it was found on trade". 
   Dubai is a global destination, global hub and most travelled city in the world. 20 years ago, Dubai had nothing. There was only sand there. Dubai had neither it's own food nor it's water or they had neither gold nor mineral. Let's start with their prime minister of UAE, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, he is a great visionary leader. Their general public plans their weekend Saturday, Sunday and he plans for 10 years for the development of Dubai.
Everyone thinks that money comes due to oil in Dubai but the revenue volume of oil in Dubai is 1% in GDP. They made tourism based and financial hub based economy. The prime minister there doesn't like anything average, they need anything either number one or the only one. That's why Dubai never settles for anything less than first place. If he build malls then he will build the world's largest mall- Dubai mall, which is largest mall in malls all over the world; If the tower is to be erected then the Burj- Khalifa, world's largest tower or building, he created Palm- jumeirah man made island, Burj-Al Arab- the only seven star hotel in the world. A common man cannot enter there without booking and nobody can get into it by wearing slippers. Your car cannot be dirty in Dubai, if it gets dirty too! And you run it into the road then they will cut fines which will be cut directly from your bank account. You cannot wash your car with your hands over there. It is not that you wash your car anywhere and make the land dirty there. They grew flowers in the desert and created the world's largest flower garden, JW Merriott- worlds highest five star hotel, the worlds largest gold market- The gold souk Dubai- worlds largest gold market.
He did not stop here, he went to Disneyland and chatted with them and also said to make a Disneyland in Dubai but it should be bigger than the Disneyland of America. So they said that it cannot be bigger than the Disneyland of America. So Sheikh sahab said, okey we will show this by making it two and half times bigger in which 2 lakh peoples will come to roam daily and than he created Dubailand which is almost bigger than Disneyland. He never stops,  as soon as one project is finished, they start planning the other project. He says 25% of the buildings will be made by 3D printing by 2025‌‌, already 40 floors of buildings of 3D printing have been built in Dubai.

Dubai road and transport authority has announced they will now make a passenger drone, which has been prepared and the test has been done. A passenger whose weight is around 100 kilogram will give him 50 kilometers of flight service at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour to go from one place to another. There leader Sheikh believes that "Ordinary people they save money to party but the extra ordinary people they save money to build great empires. " The leader there want everything to be 10 times bigger in Dubai, that is why he created a project called Dubai 10x whose job is to do 10 times everything in Dubai, 10 times faster, 10 times more efficient and times bigger. They are starting Dubai canal project and making free WiFi zones. In Dubai canal project they will change the process of transportation. There are many hyperloops for the ease of communication and travel. Dubai hyperloop which travels from Abu-Dhabi to Dubai in just 12 minutes. They are making also driverless passenger cars. Their commitment is that by 2025, 25% of cars of Dubai become driverless where passenger will come with the help of the App and it will carry 30 passengers simultaneously.
 They are building one after the other smart police stations where there is no need for more policeman, which also reduce the chances of corruption and everything went automatic. Smart police stations where everything like criminal record, complaint, accident or lost & found case can be resolved. People there automatically solve any issue through automatic machines. Automatic smart police stations with no police personnel. The advantage of making fully automated is that there is not much need for human intervention and manpower there. But the police service of Dubai is not fully automated either. There are also some policeman who are given super expensive luxury cars.
That is why Dubai police are also considered as the richest police in the whole world. 

 To solve the water problem, there prime minister Sheikh Mohammed bin rashid Al Maktoum called the best consultants from all over the world and took them to the eastern hill of the site where 'V' shaped valleys remained. After that, he asked the consultants that "tell me one thing that how did the hill itself become 'V' shape? " there prime minister Sheikh believed and said to the consultants that, that would definitely shed water here once before and the water cuts the hill and converts it into a valley. After that he conducted research there and discovered that about 2 million years ago, water used to flow there. He dug up there and saw water still submerged in several kilometers. He started extracting water from there and made a very good water management system and transported water to the world's driest barren place where the largest buildings of the world was present and the buildings need 2 lakh gallons of water everyday. 
Dubai is one of the most open-hearted among the UAE's seven emirates:-  Abu-Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain. Nationalities of 196 countries of the world live there. Building contraction is so faster in Dubai that 1/4 th JCB cranes around the world are operating in Dubai. By preparing labourers from all over the world and motivating them, they built Burj-khalifa, Burj Al Arab and today there is 14 world record in the name of Burj-khalifa - the tallest building in the world, highest restaurant in the world, worlds highest lift in the world, worlds highest firework, world's most number of floors, highest residential place, highest night club etc. Sheikh knows how to bring talent from all over the world and the traffic around the world. To bring talent, he created tax-free economy there. There black money is white and white is black because there is no tax there. There is no need to pay income tax on the amount of money you will earn by doing business.

Till date nature island was given and he made man made island. It's name is palm jumeirah. He thought he will make a man made island in sea, Dubai and where he would make many small luxurious villas for sale and where he sales a Villa for 169,902,921.6 dirham (350 crores INR). He made total 4000 villas in palm jumeirah to sell. Commitment to trade is their bigger reason to success. He is very committed in building the trade. While watching this, the nearby countries were making money by selling oil. Then they were busy in building trade in so many different ways. Dubai is the economy of the 3rd largest re-export in the world.  They have a 5-hour flight from every major country in the world and the service of their airlines is very good. They do all the work that increase their trade. There are many ways to grow their economy and one of them is fines. They have build so many fines in Dubai. Due to this fine inside Dubai, the people there live in absolute discipline so that no mistake is made in Dubai and which reduced the rate of crime in Dubai. If you touch or kiss a girl there on the road, then the condition will be your that you cannot even think. If you jump a red light there, no one will stop you for fine ,200 dirham will be cut directly from bank account and if your check bounced there, you will be jailed. 


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