Facsimile(FAX) and its important features

A facsimile or fax machine is one of the most useful media for transmission of written especially visual material such as diagrams, copies etc. Fax machines are connected with telephone both at transmitting and receiving end. In fax a document is fed in the transmitting end which is converted into electrical signals. These signals are transmitted through telephone lines to another fax which reconverts these signals into printed out hand-copy. Then the receiving fax machine sends a message confirming the receipt of entire message.

    There are several brands of faxes, with distinctive features. Some of the features commonly possessed by fax machines are :

(a) Remote Activation
        The user can activate his machine via his cordless or even a parallel phone line. This telephone works even during a power failure.

(b) Memory
       The fax machine can store the message in memory if there is no paper for printing the message.

(c) Transmission speed
       If the speed of transmitting the message is high, the cost of transmission and reception decreases.

(d) Auto paper cutter
      Fax machine has a paper roll, printing the transmitted message. This paper is to be cut if auto paper cutter is not available.

(e) Answering Machine
      Usually fax machine have inbuilt answering machines.

Adavantages of Fax

      The fax offers the following advantages :
          (a) It is quick means of communication.
          (b) It can contain pictures as well as words.
          (c) The reciepient needs not to be at the receiving end to                       receive the message.
          (d) Generally it is cheaper to fax the message than to send it                through postage or courier.

Points to be considered while sending message through Fax.

The message, whether hand written or typed that is going to be transmitted by fax should carry at least the following information for its clear understanding by the recipient:

  • The organization and the person by whom the fax is sent.
  • The organization and person by whom the fax is intended.
  • The number and date of the letter.
  • The number of pages of the letter being sent.


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