Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Following are the qualities of a successful Entrepreneur:
1. Independence: Some of the entrepreneur commence their own business because they do not like to work under anyone and prefer to be their own boss. They feel uncomfortable when they are given instructions and in such situations they are not able to give their total output.
2. Risk-bearing: Business, in one word is all about taking risks. Entrepreneur should always be ready to take decions under uncertainty. His decisions may take him to gain profit or may take him to loss. But a good entrepreneur has this characteristic of taking risk and ability to perform the work even in pressure.
3. Locus of control: According to Rotter's locus of control theory, "an individual preceives the out come of an event or being either within or beyond his personnel control". Entrepreneurs has the ability to deal with any kind of situation and they strongly believe in their ability to control situations.
4. Perseverance: This reflects the determination and dedication characteristic of an entrepreneur. They have the attitude that whatever task they take, they perform it on time and with perfection. They give their full input for the jobs that they take.
5. positive self-concept: Entrepreneurs are always positive in nature. They have the ability to take things in a positive way. They do not get anxious when problems arise and it is this nature that helps them to achieve success.
6. Ability to find and explore Opportunities: Entrepreneurs are always looking for opportunities to come their way. They wait eagerly to grab any kind of good opportunities. When new opportunities come their way, they use their skill and innovation to turn this opportunity into profit-making business.
7. Flexibility: Entrepreneurs always take decisions keeping in mind that they may need to change their decisions depending on the situation. They are always ready to face difficult situations and well prepared to act accordingly. 
8. Analytical ability of mind: Entrepreneurs are that kind of person who is more interested in taking suggestions from experts instead of friends. They are least bother about relationships and friendships. They are not emotional fools and avoid sentimental feelings in the business.
9. Sence of Efficacy: Entrepreneurs are efficacious and always looking forward for achieving the desired results. They are energetic and perform their work with perfection. They make plans and work accordingly to complete the jobs on time.
10. Openness to Feedback and Learning from Experience: A successful entrepreneur has the attitude of  listening to people and obtain feedback from them in a positive way. They should accept the feedback of customers in a positive way and should also consider it for implementation so that they can achieve success.
11. Confronting uncertainly: Optimistic entrepreneurs are the ones who even take failure in a positive way. They take failure as a step to success and never get disheartened when they are not able to accomplish any task. They believe that they have the ability to get successful and therefore they never panic when they are not able to attain success.
12. Interpernnel Skills: This chatacteristics deals with the way entrepreneur behave with other people, be it with their office staffs or with their client. A good relationship with people help entrepreneurs to get successful in every aspect such as getting good business and encouraging the staff by personally giving them acknowledgement for good work. 
13. Need to Influence others: Their could be one boss in any business but it is incorrect to say that he handles everything on his own. He needs to appoint some people to help him in getting the work done. Entrepreneurs needs to be capable enough to influence other and encourage them to work harder so that the organisational goals can be easily achieved.
14. Stresss Takers: Entrepreneurs are people who have the capability to work in pressure. Sometimes problems might come when the entrepreneurs need to work on stress so as to complete any project. They are always ready for such situations and in such situations also they work efficiently. They do not panic and work calmly under pressure giving perfect output.
15. Time Orientation: Entrepreneurs also have the skill to forecast their business future by looking at their current business position and past experience. Time is a sensible measure for them to analyse their jobs.
16. Innovators: Efficient entrepreneurs are good innovators. They are always looking for new changes in the working environment that help them in getting the job done in less time. They keep on introducing new machineries and new technologies that improve the existing production and working conditions in the enterprise.
17. Business communication skills: Good skills and innovative ideas are not the only traits that make a person an efficient entrepreneur. Good communication skill is another important characteristic that every entrepreneur should possess. In business, entrepreneur need to communicate with many people. It is the words of the enterpreneurs that help them to get more business. So they need to be polite and confident when dealing with client as well as prospective client.
18. Telescope Faculty:This characteristics enables enterpreneurs to be aware of the changing conditions from time to time in terms of altering demand of goods and commodities. Therefore they act accordingly to meet the changing demand.
19.Leadership: The ability to lead  and inspire others is called leadership. According to George R. Terry, "Leadership is the activity of influencing people to strive willingly for group objectives". It is very important for all the entrepreneurs to posses the leadership quality. They should be able to encourage their staff to work better and efficiently. An entrepreneur should be able to provide them proper guidance and assists them whenever necessary. He should be able to make them comfortable with the working environment but at the same time he should be strict when the work is not being done properly. Therefore, in short, we can say that entrepreneurs should be  a blent of inspiration and motivation.
20. Business Planning: Enterpreneurs should have a good sence of planning. He needs to plan in advance what, when and how to get the job done so that the organitional goals can be achieved. They should be able to plan in such a way that the job is also done properly and staffs can also work without pressure. Lack of  proper planning affects the work schedule and success of the organisation. 
21. Decision-making: For any kind of enterprise, decision-making is one of the important function in which the future of the whole enterprise depends. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be efficient enough to take right decisions at theright time.
22. Ability to mobilise resources: Enterpreneurs should be capable enough to handle men and machineries in such a way that the jobs can be done in a proper way. They should be able to mobilise the 6 Ms of management, which are man, money, material, machinery, market and method. He should be able to utilise these resources so that the final output is achieved and the results as same as desired.
23. Self confidence: Entrepreneurs should have self-confidence to achieve the desired results. Without self-confidence they are not able to make any decision or not capable of performing the job. They need to have the capability to take sudden decisions when unwanted situations arise.


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