Advantages of Verbal Communication

Verbal communication offers the following advantages:

1. Versatility of the message. Verbal communication enables human being to express different types of experiences and things. Therefore it is versatile in nature. Different words are available for different types of experiences. On the other hand, non verbal communication lacks the elements of versatility.

2. Speed. With verbal communication, message can be sent in speedy way. As one feels to convey the idea or emotions, one can express it immediately through spoken or written words.

3. Free from ambiguity. Compared with non-verbal communication, verbal communication is free from ambiguity. Usually specific word has specific meaning which is agreed by different people. On the other hand non-verbal communication clues are lacking universal understanding. Different gestures and postures are understood differently in different countries and cultures.

4. Immediate clarification. Sometimes it happens that the  message conveyed is misunderstood. In verbal communication, the receiver can clarify it immediately either through written words and spoken message.

5. Impact on the listener. Verbal communication is likely to have greater impact upon the listener. The person conveying the message in precise manner according to the wave length of the audience is preceived as more intelligent and effective person.

6. Group communication. With verbal communication, group communication is possible either in the form of face-to-face conversataion or through teleconferencing or videoconferencing. On the otherhand, such is not the case in non-verbal communication.

7. Conveying of large amount of information. With verbal communication, large amount of information can be conveyed. On the other hand, non-verbal signals or visual images can convey limited information.

8. Records of messages. Verbal communication can be recorded. The business organisation can have records of the letters or reports. Even oral communication can be recorded on tapes or discs.


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