Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile technology

Advantages of Mobile Technology
Mobile technology provides the following advantages to the users:

  1. Anytime, anywhere connectivity.
  2. Convenience and freedom to carry anywhere.
  3. Possibility of doing business during travel.
  4. Transfer of data along with transfer of voice.
  5. Digital photography in new models
  6. Internet access at any time.

Disadvantages of Mobile Technology

Mobile telephony has following disadvantages

  1. Compared with fixed telephony it is expensive to use especially from mobile to landline.
  2. Wide spread use of cell phones has led to increase concerns about possible health hazards particularly brain disease as the antennas of these phones lie along the head and the radio frequency waves have both electrical and magnetic components.
  3. Use of mobile phones during driving incresed the chances of accidents.
  4. Wider use of mobile phones is problem for environment.


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